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Anika Guggisberg is a graphic designer with experience in both communication and interactive media design. She has just graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stout in the spring of 2023 and now works for CESA 10 as a Digital Media Designer. Below are a few of her favorite school projects from the last 4 years.

Love Letter was a packaging project in collaboration with Great Northern Corporation and Revolution Beauty. The goal was to create and design a gift package containing four products along with a promotional display revolving around the artistry line of Date Night. I worked on a team of four with another graphic designer and two packaging designers.

Great Northern Corporation Collaboration Experience

Spring 2022

This mock campaign is focused on saying a big f*ck you to plastic. Pela is a sustainable brand that focuses on creating ecofriendly, compostable phone cases. They make their cases out of all natural flax shrive instead of plastic, hence the made-up material name, Flaxstic™. The campaign mainly focuses around the slogan, “F*ck Plastic, Flaxstic”. The goal of the campaign is to show the public that there is a sustainable option for everyday plastic objects, like phone cases. By making the small switch from plastic to Flaxstic, we as a society can #GetGrowing towards a cleaner and greener future.

Advertising Design

Fall 2021

Food Files is a whole new way to look at your food. No more wondering what food you have

in your fridge and pantry. While providing a detailed inventory of everything in your pantry,

the Food Files app can also create shopping lists and provide recipes with the food you

already have.

User Experience Design

Fall 2021

The goal of this project was to create a new brand identity for the city of Menomonie, WI. The water from Lake Menomin and the Red Cedar river were essential for the growth 

of the Algonquin’s wild rice and for the Knapp, Stout, & Co.’s lumber industry. These 

three historical resources of water, rice, and lumber were the main inspirations behind 

the redesign.

Graphic Design II

Spring 2021

The mock tour for the up-and-coming band, Avenue Beat, is named after their viral song “F2020”. In the midst of the pandemic with everything seeming to go wrong, Avenue Beat was able to unite the Gen Z population by making an upbeat, catchy song. Their mock tour goes on for three months and spans from the Midwest to cities on the East Coast.

Graphic Design I

Fall 2020